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Nissan Electric Vehicle Charging Guide

With running costs as low as 5p per mile and 40% reduction in maintenance costs to worry about, Nissan's range of ultra-efficient electrified vehicles reinformed themselves as the best-selling EV's in the world. The cost to run the Nissan LEAF is some of the lowest in the electrical vehicle class. Plus, the Nissan ARIYA has also been named as 'Best Large Electric Car' at the Car Buyer 2023 awards. 

Imagine waking up every day to a car with a full tank, that's all charged and ready with a range of up to 310 miles. Charging Nissan EV's is quick, simple and safe.

For more helpful information regarding electric vehicles, we have put together a fully electric vehicle FAQs page. Here we will answer the most frequently asked questions that people have around electric vehicles. 





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Nissan now offers a wide range of electric cars and vans. You have the choice of the ever so popular, Nissan LEAF, Nissan has also launched their most sort after SUV as an electric car, yes the all-new Nissan Qashqai is now powered by eithier a mild hybrid engine or by Nissan's revolutionary e-Power. And let's not forget the stunning Nissan ARIYA that is now available to test drive at all of our West Way showrooms.The newest version of the Nissan X-Trail has also landed in our dealerships with a renewed powertrain, as it is now powered by e-POWER. If you need a van for business or pleasure, Nissan has you covered. Find out about how you can electrify your business here. Complete the form if you are interested in moving to an electric model.

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Electric Nissan LEAF

Trickle Charge or Domestic Charge

The Trickle charge function can be performed using the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, also known as EVSE that comes as an addtional paid option with the LEAF. It takes approximately 21 hours for models with a 39kWh battery, and approximately 31 hours with a 59kWh (charging time may vary depending on your vehicle). If your LEAF is equipped with a quick charging function, you will use the port on the right for charging.

To begin trickle/domestic charging:

  1. Make sure that the vehicle is in the park, apply the parking brake and place the power switch in the off position.

  2. Unlock the charge port and open it by sliding your hand under the lid and raising it until it locks into position.

  3. Remove the EVSE from the bag, and connect it's plug to an available dedicated 110-120volt, 15amp or 20amp electrical outlet. The green light on the EVSE will illuminate.

  4. Open the port on the car and open the safety cap from the charge connector. Then, plug it into the charge port on the vehicle.

  5. Once it's properly connected, a beep will sound once. If charging has started or if the battery is waiting for a preset charging timer, it will beep twice and the charging indicator light will change. The orange light on the EVSE illuminates when charging is active and the green light remains on.

Charging will not start when the EV is on.

  1. Make sure that the charger connector lock is not engaged.

  2. Press the button on the charge connector, release the lock, then remove it from the port.

  3. Re-attach the safety cap to the EVSE, and unplug the unit from the dedicated electricity outlet. Store the EVSE back in its case and put it back in the boot area.

  4. Finally, close the cap on the charge port and close the charge port lid.

  5. Trickle charging can be used with the immediate charge, remote charge and charge timer functions.

Normal charge

The normal charging function is performed using a charger installed in your home that is hard-wired into a dedicated circuit. Charging takes approximately 7 hours with a 39kWh battery and 11 hours to charge models with a 59 kWh battery. Depending on your EV's equipment, your charging time may vary. If your vehicle is equipped with a quick charge function, you will use the port on the right for normal charging.

Charging instructions:

  1. Ensure that the vehicle is in park and apply the parking brake and place the power switch in the off position.

  2. Unlock the charge port and then open it by sliding your hand under the lid and raise it until it locks in place.

  3. Open the charge port cap, then plug the charger connector into the port on your vehicle.

  4. When it is properly connected, a beep will sound once.

  5. If charging has started, or if the battery is waiting for a preset charging timer, a beep will sound twice and the charging status light indicator will change.

Charging will not start if the EV is on, however charging will continue if the vehicle is turned on during the charging operations. To stop charging:

  1. Ensure that the charger connector lock is not engaged.

  2. Press the button on the charge connector, release the lock then remove the charger connector from the port,

  3. Close the cap on the charge port, then close the charge port lid.

Make sure you properly store the charge connector when not in use. Normal charging can be used with the remote charge, immediate charge and charge timer functions.

Rapid Charge

The rapid charge function is equipped on all Nissan EV's and can be performed in approximately 30 minutes when you connect the vehicle to a quick charge connector at a public charging station. Quick charging cannot be performed if the reading on the Lithium iron battery temperature gauge is near the red zone. This can be used to estimate the approximate time needed to charge the battery to 80%.

To begin quick charging:

  1. Ensure that the EV is in park, and apply the parking brake and place the power switch in the off position.

  2. Unlock the charge port and open it by sliding your hand underneath the lid and raise it until it clicks into place. Open the cap on the charge port on the left,

  3. Align the charge port connector groove with the groove on the charge port and insert it.

  4. Grasp the lock mechanism to lock the charge connector in place.

  5. Proceed by following the directions on the Quick charge equipment.

To stop charging:

  1. First, confirm that charging is complete using the charging status indicator lights.

  2. Next, unlock the charge connector and remove it from the vehicle.

  3. Properly store the Quick charge connector, close the quick charge cap and charge port lid.

Frequent use of the Quick charging function should be minimized in order to prolong the life of the Lithium-Ion battery.

The Quick charge operation will stop automatically if the charge time has exceeded 60 minutes or if the possible charge time set for the quick charger. It may take more time to charge the Lithium-Ion battery using the quick charger you have parked the EV in a cold location.

When charging 30kWh battery models, the Lithium-Ion battery available charge and capacity readings shown on the Quick Charger unit may differ from the ones shown on the EV's display.

Nissan Energy Services


One of the easiest ways to charge your Nissan LEAF or ARIYA is at home. Nissan work with two of the best home charger providers – E.ON Drive and Pod Point, and when you order your home charger from us it will be safely installed by trained technicians and before delivery of your vehicle if you have yet to pick up your car.

Plus, you can now simplify going electric by getting your Nissan LEAF or ARIYA, 7kW home charger and standard home installation included in a single monthly payment over your finance term, available through Nissan Finance. 

Whether it's the E.ON Vestel 7kW or the Pod Point Solo 3 home charger from Pod Point, we have tethered and untethered options available depending on your requirements.

Prices include VAT and installation and up to 15th January 2024, purchase a new Nissan EV, PodPoint Solo 3 Homecharger, and sign up to EDF’s GoElectric Overnight tariff and your EDF account will be credited with £228.56 - the equivalent of 10,000 miles of driving range.*

Speak to us to find out more.
* Offer valid until 15.01.2024. Available to UK residents, excluding Northern Ireland, at Nissan dealerships only. Nissan & EDF T&Cs apply. Visit nissan.co.uk/edf10kmiles for full terms and conditions
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