New NISSAN LEAF 110kW N-Connecta 39kWh 5dr Auto
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    110kW N-Connecta 39kWh 5dr Auto

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    110kW N-Connecta 39kWh 5dr Auto 


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      ColourMetallic - Pearl black


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    Cash Price: £31069.99
    Your Deposit: £3107.11
    Deposit Contribution (FDA): £2500
    Total Deposit: £5607.11
    Term: 48
    47Monthly Payments: £373.99
    Optional Final Payment: £7511.36
    Amount of Credit: £25462.88
    Total Charge for Credit: £0
    Total Amount Payable: £31069.99
    Admin Fee: £0
    APR: 0%
    Rate of Interest (fixed): 0%
    Annual Mileage: 8000
    Excess Mileage: 8p per mile

    Full Spec

    [{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Capacity % guaranteed under warranty","V":"75","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Capacity in kWh","V":"40.6","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 1 - Charge Time (Mins)","V":"420","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 1 - Percentage Change","V":"0-100","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 1 - Power Supply - kW","V":"6.6","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 2 - Charge Time (Mins)","V":"60","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 2 - Percentage Change","V":"20-80","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 2 - Power Supply - kW","V":"50","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 3 - Charge Time (Mins)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 3 - Percentage Change","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 3 - Power Supply - kW","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 4 - Charge Time (Mins)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 4 - Percentage Change","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Charging Scenario 4 - Power Supply - kW","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Leased","V":"No","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Battery Type","V":"Lithium-ion","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Charging Port Location","V":"Front","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Coupler/Connector Type","V":"CHAdeMO Type 2","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Maximum Charging Rate - kW","V":"50","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Mileage","V":"100000","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Years","V":"8","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"Usable Battery Capacity","V":"39","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb","V":"17","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb - TEH","V":"17","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb - TEL","V":"17","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb","V":"3.7","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb - TEH","V":"3.7","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb - TEL","V":"3.7","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - City","V":"389","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - Comb","V":"270","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - Comb - TEH","V":"270","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - Comb - TEL","V":"270","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - City","V":"242","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - Comb","V":"168","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - Comb - TEH","V":"168","isCap":true},{"G":"Electric Vehicle Data","C":"","T":"WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - Comb - TEL","V":"168","isCap":true},{"G":"Emissions - ICE","C":"","T":"CO","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Emissions - ICE","C":"","T":"CO2 (g/km)","V":"0","isCap":true},{"G":"Emissions - ICE","C":"","T":"HC","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Emissions - ICE","C":"","T":"HC+NOx","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Emissions - ICE","C":"","T":"Noise Level dB(A)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Emissions - ICE","C":"","T":"NOx","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Emissions - ICE","C":"","T":"Particles","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Emissions - ICE","C":"","T":"Standard Euro Emissions","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Camshaft","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Catalytic Convertor","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"CC","V":"1","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Compression Ratio","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Cylinder Layout","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Cylinders","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Cylinders - Bore (mm)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Cylinders - Stroke (mm)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Engine Code","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Engine Layout","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Fuel Delivery","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Gears","V":"1 SPEED","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Number of Valves","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Engine and Drive Train","C":"","T":"Transmission","V":"AUTO","isCap":true},{"G":"Fuel Consumption - ICE","C":"","T":"EC Combined (mpg)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Fuel Consumption - ICE","C":"","T":"EC Directive 1999/100/EC Applies","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Fuel Consumption - ICE","C":"","T":"EC Extra Urban (mpg)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Fuel Consumption - ICE","C":"","T":"EC Urban (mpg)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Alternative Fuel Qualifying","V":"Yes","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Badge Engine CC","V":"0.0","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Badge Power","V":"150","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Based On ID","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Coin Description","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Coin Series","V":"N-Connecta","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Generation Mark","V":"2","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Insurance Group 1 - 50 Effective January 07","V":"24E","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Manufacturers Corrosion Perforation Guarantee - Years","V":"12","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Manufacturers Paintwork Guarantee - Years","V":"3","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"NCAP Adult Occupant Protection %","V":"93","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"NCAP Child Occupant Protection %","V":"86","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"NCAP Overall Rating - Effective February 09","V":"5","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"NCAP Pedestrian Protection %","V":"71","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"NCAP Safety Assist %","V":"71","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Did at least one aspect of this vehicle\u0027s safety give cause for concern?","V":"No","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Service Interval Frequency - Months","V":"12","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Service Interval Mileage","V":"18000","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Special Edition","V":"No","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Special Order","V":"No","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Standard manufacturers warranty - Mileage","V":"60000","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Standard manufacturers warranty - Years","V":"3","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Timing Belt Interval Frequency - Months","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Timing Belt Interval Mileage","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"General","C":"","T":"Vehicle Homologation Class","V":"M1","isCap":true},{"G":"Performance","C":"","T":"0 to 62 mph (secs)","V":"7.9","isCap":true},{"G":"Performance","C":"","T":"Engine Power - BHP","V":"150","isCap":true},{"G":"Performance","C":"","T":"Engine Power - KW","V":"110","isCap":true},{"G":"Performance","C":"","T":"Engine Power - RPM","V":"3283","isCap":true},{"G":"Performance","C":"","T":"Engine Torque - LBS.FT","V":"236","isCap":true},{"G":"Performance","C":"","T":"Engine Torque - MKG","V":"32.6","isCap":true},{"G":"Performance","C":"","T":"Engine Torque - NM","V":"320","isCap":true},{"G":"Performance","C":"","T":"Top Speed","V":"90","isCap":true},{"G":"Test Cycles","C":"","T":"Emissions Test Cycle","V":"WLTP","isCap":true},{"G":"Test Cycles","C":"","T":"RDE Certification Level","V":"N/A","isCap":true},{"G":"Tyres","C":"","T":"Alloys?","V":"Yes","isCap":true},{"G":"Tyres","C":"","T":"Space Saver?","V":"No","isCap":true},{"G":"Tyres","C":"","T":"Tyre Size Front","V":"215/50 R17","isCap":true},{"G":"Tyres","C":"","T":"Tyre Size Rear","V":"215/50 R17","isCap":true},{"G":"Tyres","C":"","T":"Tyre Size Spare","V":"TYRE REPAIR KIT","isCap":true},{"G":"Tyres","C":"","T":"Wheel Type","V":"17\" ALLOY","isCap":true},{"G":"Vehicle Dimensions","C":"","T":"Height","V":"1540","isCap":true},{"G":"Vehicle Dimensions","C":"","T":"Height (including roof rails)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Vehicle Dimensions","C":"","T":"Length","V":"4490","isCap":true},{"G":"Vehicle Dimensions","C":"","T":"Wheelbase","V":"2700","isCap":true},{"G":"Vehicle Dimensions","C":"","T":"Width","V":"1812","isCap":true},{"G":"Vehicle Dimensions","C":"","T":"Width (including mirrors)","V":"2030","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Gross Vehicle Weight","V":"1995","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Luggage Capacity (Seats Down)","V":"1176","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Luggage Capacity (Seats Up)","V":"435","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Max. Loading Weight","V":"455","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Max. Roof Load","V":"35","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Max. Towing Weight - Braked","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Max. Towing Weight - Unbraked","V":"Not Available","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Minimum Kerbweight","V":"1540","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"No. of Seats","V":"5","isCap":true},{"G":"Weight and Capacities","C":"","T":"Turning Circle - Kerb to Kerb","V":"10.6","isCap":true}]

    Driver Convenience

    • 360 degree colour camera view
      7" full colour TFT screen combimeter
      8" colour display with touchscreen
      Apple car play/Android Auto
      Blind spot intervention
      Blind spot warning
      E Pedal
      eCall emergency call system
      Electric power assisted steering
      EV telematics system
      Front and rear parking sensors
      Intelligent around view monitor
      Intelligent Cruise control (ICC)
      Intelligent driver alert system
      Intelligent lane intervention
      Lane departure warning system
      Moving object detection
      Navigation system with voice control
      Nissan connect services app (air conditioning control, cabin heating and charging)
      Rear cross traffic alert
      Speed limiter
      Trip computer


    • 39kWh usable battery capacity
      6.6 kw On-board charger
      Charging port remote opening
      Mac Pherson strut front suspension and twist beam axle rear suspension
      Max DC charging power, ChaDeMo type: up to 50kW
      Single motor


    • 6 speakers
      Audio system with USB
      Bluetooth with audio streaming
      DAB Digital radio
      Rear USB ports

    Exterior Features

    • Aero roof spoiler
      Auto dimming rear view mirror
      Automatic activation of hazard warning lights
      Automatic rain sensing wipers
      Chrome door handles
      Electric front/rear windows
      Electrically adjustable and folding door mirrors
      Follow me home headlights
      Front fog lights
      Grey rear bumper finisher
      Halogen headlamps
      High beam assist
      Illuminated charge port
      Intelligent auto headlights
      LED signature daytime running lights with directional indicator
      LED signature rear lights
      LED third brake light
      Rain sensor
      Rear privacy glass
      Rear side wing doors
      Rear wiper
      Shark fin antenna

    Interior Features

    • 12V socket
      3 seat bench in 2nd row
      60/40 split folding rear seat
      Automatic climate control with pollen filter and timer
      Energy saving cabin heating system with heat pump
      Front centre console and armrest
      Front head restraints
      Front seatback pocket
      Height adjustable driver seat
      Isofix child seat anchor points
      Manual adjust driver/passenger seats
      Multifunction leather steering wheel
      PTC (Positive Temp Co-efficent) heater
      Rake and reach adjustable steering column
      Rear assist grips
      Rear head restraints
      Single front passenger seat
      Telescopic steering wheel adjustment
      Woven fabric upholstery


    • Heat pack with Heated front seats - Leaf

    Passive Safety

    • 3 point front seatbelts with pre-tensioners
      3x3 point rear seatbelts
      ABS with EBD and brake assist
      Curtain airbags
      Driver and passenger airbags
      Electrically driven intelligent braking system
      Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
      Front and rear vented brake discs
      Front seatbelt pretensioners + load limiters
      Height adjustable front seatbelts
      Hill start assist
      Intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian recognition
      Intelligent ride control
      Intelligent trace control
      Manual child proof rear door locks
      Mechanical parking brake
      Nissan safety shield
      Seatbelt reminder for driver and front passenger
      Side airbags
      Traction control
      Tyre pressure monitoring system
      VDC Dynamic Vehicle Control


    • Deadlock
      Intelligent Key with push button starter
      Remote central locking
      Thatcham Cat.1 alarm


    • 17" Diamond cut black alloy wheels
      Tyre puncture repair kit

    Tech Spec


    Electric Vehicle Data

    • Battery Capacity % guaranteed under warranty
      Battery Capacity in kWh
      Battery Charging Scenario 1 - Charge Time (Mins)
      Battery Charging Scenario 1 - Percentage Change
      Battery Charging Scenario 1 - Power Supply - kW
      Battery Charging Scenario 2 - Charge Time (Mins)
      Battery Charging Scenario 2 - Percentage Change
      Battery Charging Scenario 2 - Power Supply - kW
      Battery Charging Scenario 3 - Charge Time (Mins)
      Not Available
      Battery Charging Scenario 3 - Percentage Change
      Not Available
      Battery Charging Scenario 3 - Power Supply - kW
      Not Available
      Battery Charging Scenario 4 - Charge Time (Mins)
      Not Available
      Battery Charging Scenario 4 - Percentage Change
      Not Available
      Battery Charging Scenario 4 - Power Supply - kW
      Not Available
      Battery Leased
      Battery Type
      Charging Port Location
      Coupler/Connector Type
      CHAdeMO Type 2
      Maximum Charging Rate - kW
      Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Mileage
      Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Years
      Usable Battery Capacity
      WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb
      WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb - TEH
      WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb - TEL
      WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb
      WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb - TEH
      WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb - TEL
      WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - City
      WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - Comb
      WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - Comb - TEH
      WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - Comb - TEL
      WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - City
      WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - Comb
      WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - Comb - TEH
      WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - Comb - TEL

    Emissions - ICE

    • CO
      Not Available
      CO2 (g/km)
      Not Available
      Not Available
      Noise Level dB(A)
      Not Available
      Not Available
      Not Available
      Standard Euro Emissions
      Not Available

    Engine and Drive Train

    • Camshaft
      Not Available
      Catalytic Convertor
      Not Available
      Compression Ratio
      Not Available
      Cylinder Layout
      Not Available
      Not Available
      Cylinders - Bore (mm)
      Not Available
      Cylinders - Stroke (mm)
      Not Available
      Engine Code
      Not Available
      Engine Layout
      Not Available
      Fuel Delivery
      Not Available
      1 SPEED
      Number of Valves
      Not Available

    Fuel Consumption - ICE

    • EC Combined (mpg)
      Not Available
      EC Directive 1999/100/EC Applies
      Not Available
      EC Extra Urban (mpg)
      Not Available
      EC Urban (mpg)
      Not Available


    • Alternative Fuel Qualifying
      Badge Engine CC
      Badge Power
      Based On ID
      Not Available
      Coin Description
      Not Available
      Coin Series
      Generation Mark
      Insurance Group 1 - 50 Effective January 07
      Manufacturers Corrosion Perforation Guarantee - Years
      Manufacturers Paintwork Guarantee - Years
      NCAP Adult Occupant Protection %
      NCAP Child Occupant Protection %
      NCAP Overall Rating - Effective February 09
      NCAP Pedestrian Protection %
      NCAP Safety Assist %
      Did at least one aspect of this vehicle's safety give cause for concern?
      Service Interval Frequency - Months
      Service Interval Mileage
      Special Edition
      Special Order
      Standard manufacturers warranty - Mileage
      Standard manufacturers warranty - Years
      Timing Belt Interval Frequency - Months
      Not Available
      Timing Belt Interval Mileage
      Not Available
      Vehicle Homologation Class


    • 0 to 62 mph (secs)
      Engine Power - BHP
      Engine Power - KW
      Engine Power - RPM
      Engine Torque - LBS.FT
      Engine Torque - MKG
      Engine Torque - NM
      Top Speed

    Test Cycles

    • Emissions Test Cycle
      RDE Certification Level


    • Alloys?
      Space Saver?
      Tyre Size Front
      215/50 R17
      Tyre Size Rear
      215/50 R17
      Tyre Size Spare
      Wheel Type
      17" ALLOY

    Vehicle Dimensions

    • Height
      Height (including roof rails)
      Not Available
      Width (including mirrors)

    Weight and Capacities

    • Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)
      Not Available
      Gross Vehicle Weight
      Luggage Capacity (Seats Down)
      Luggage Capacity (Seats Up)
      Max. Loading Weight
      Max. Roof Load
      Max. Towing Weight - Braked
      Not Available
      Max. Towing Weight - Unbraked
      Not Available
      Minimum Kerbweight
      No. of Seats
      Turning Circle - Kerb to Kerb

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